Fairytale Book & Set Building

The Snow White watercolor piece I had done finally got published in this storybook at my school. It’s all based on Grimm’s Fairytales and has art from a bunch of students and professors. The front cover isn’t my artwork, mines the second photo shown. They managed to spell my name completely wrong twice (different ways) in the book. But I guess I can look past that…

Next two photo are from my set building for my new animation. These are for a little girls bedroom that will appear at the very beginning. Still not anywhere near being done but it’s starting to come along.


LAIKA/house Creative Challenge – September 2012

This is my entry for the September 2012 LAIKA/house (the people who made ParaNorman and Coraline) Creative Challenge.

The challenge was to create a character “Missing from ParaNorman” and so I decided to create the mentioned (but never shown and nameless) character of Mitch’s boyfriend. If you haven;t seen ParaNorman,it is a stop-motion animated zombie comedy for kids that is defiantly more than the trailers let on. [trailer] Mitch is a big jock and at the end of the film it was revealed that he has a boyfriend in the line “my boyfriend is a chickflick nut!” this actually lead to a bit of controversy from hateful, repressive parental units.

Meet Trent. He is a lanky, awkward teenager who spends a little too much time watching movies, reading and playing video games. He likes to watch “chick-flicks” because they give him a good cry as he’s mildly emotionally tormented. The simple mind of his boyfriend helps straighten out his stress and sadness. He likes Elvis, cartoons and says “Dude,” a lot. He was cut because he wasn’t necessary to the initial plot of the story and might have caused a bit more controversy then any one animation company could handle just now. He was also busy at a comic convention in New York City.

I decided to have Trent over Mitch’s shoulder because of the way he does this with his little brother during the film. (Also, I did not win the contest).

ParaNorman Package

I had been talking about ParaNorman a bit on tumblr and about how much I love Laika and such, then I get this email a few days later from someone at ParaNorman. Now Laika is known for sending odd packages out with parts from their movies and posters and little odd tokens and they said they were going to send me a poster. Needless to say that I was really excited when these showed up at my doorstep. They’re lifesize replicas of Norman’s slippers and tooth brush. It’s addressed from “Blithe Hollow,” that’s where Norman is from. I’m so excited for this movie and can’t believe they decided to send me something.

The Wonderful World of Stop-Motion

Stop-motion will remain one of the most beautiful methods of story telling. I think what makes it stand out so much is the fact that these characters we see on the screen, exist. Though every character we see exists you have to stop and think, when the film is live action and the actor steps off the set they’re no longer that character. They’re that actor again, plain and simple. And with 2D and CG animation the character doesn’t go beyond being more than just a picture or a rendering inside the computer. But with stop-motion, you see, they exist. The character is there just about forever. They existed and do exist and their whole world somehow exists. It’s just truly remarkable.

The images featured above are owned by Disney, Laika, 20th Century Fox etc.

Art Institute of Boston

I remember way back in 2008 (I was a sophomore in high school,15) I took two art classes at the Art Institute of Boston [Painting Techniques for Illustrators and Animation Festival]. It was actually a paid program because I was on a special scholarship. I made $500 that summer for attending two art classes. A few weeks back I stumbled across the website and found that I’m actually on the website for the summer programs. I guess maybe we were the first set of kids brought in. {website here].

Leaflet Drop

Today my Design class went up on the rooftop of a building in town to drop our (positive propaganda) leaflets. I’m terrible afraid of heights and so it disturbed me having to go up there but I think I cam out better for having done so. The rooftop was flat, no ledge or anything. We had to climb up a rickety old ladder that was just a little discomforting. Then we flung them out into the crowd.

I got a few photos of us on the roof despite my shaky hands. Then after I found one of mine lying out on the pavement.

Propaganda Project “Stand Tall. Don’t Look Down Upon Yourself.”

The Propaganda Project is an assignment given in my Intermediate Design class this semester. Our goal was to create three original pieces, each representing a theme we wanted to get across. But that’s not all! The images also had to be created using a phrase taken from a fortune cookie. But still more yet! They also had to be in all black and white.

Though these are just my drafts for now, I think they’ve come along nicely.

My fortune phrase was “Stand Tall. Don’t look Down Upon Yourself.” The first piece is focussed on gender and how society view the portrayal of different sexes. The image is a boy and girl split together. “What about the kids who don’t fit in?” was the question that came to mind when thinking of how gender is portrayed in children.

The second image is a non-white girl looking at the ads in magazines and trying to replicate what they display as “pretty.” Often magazine ads say that pretty is skinny, blonde, white. So how is a child supposed to feel when they are none of those? I used a line from the Dove beauty ad “Talk to Your Daughter Before the Beauty Industry Does.”

The third is about bullying. “Words Hurt. Don’t be a Part of It,” is from a Canadian as campaign and a PSA that I enjoyed.


Fading Colors – Animated Short Film (2009)

This was an animation I created originally for an animation class during my Junior year of High School – 2008/2009. It features the music of ERIK SATIE.
This animation won two Scholastic Art Awards. One Gold Key in the state of Massachusetts. One Silver Key Nationally (US)

A boy runs through the land of spirits. A land where the souls of children wait to fade away completely. Would you risk your life to save the lives of others, even if it meant possibly dying in the process?

Lost Children Productions is a branch of DamiAnimation. “Fading Colors” and all related characters and stories are copyright 2009 DamiAnimation and Damian Alexander.