Propaganda Project “Stand Tall. Don’t Look Down Upon Yourself.”

The Propaganda Project is an assignment given in my Intermediate Design class this semester. Our goal was to create three original pieces, each representing a theme we wanted to get across. But that’s not all! The images also had to be created using a phrase taken from a fortune cookie. But still more yet! They also had to be in all black and white.

Though these are just my drafts for now, I think they’ve come along nicely.

My fortune phrase was “Stand Tall. Don’t look Down Upon Yourself.” The first piece is focussed on gender and how society view the portrayal of different sexes. The image is a boy and girl split together. “What about the kids who don’t fit in?” was the question that came to mind when thinking of how gender is portrayed in children.

The second image is a non-white girl looking at the ads in magazines and trying to replicate what they display as “pretty.” Often magazine ads say that pretty is skinny, blonde, white. So how is a child supposed to feel when they are none of those? I used a line from the Dove beauty ad “Talk to Your Daughter Before the Beauty Industry Does.”

The third is about bullying. “Words Hurt. Don’t be a Part of It,” is from a Canadian as campaign and a PSA that I enjoyed.