Damian Alexander

I am a cartoonist & storyteller born and raised in (and around) Boston, Massachusetts. I lived in Florida and California for small bits of my life but they were too sweaty so I kept going back to New England. I enjoy cartoons, comics, cute guys, and Ghibli movies. I was fond of fiction as a kid because I never felt at home in reality. So as an adult, I create my own stories so that other kids can feel at home in both places.

I’m a 2018 graduate of Simmons College MFA in Writing for Children, as well as a 2017 John Locher Memorial Award winner and 2016 Lambda Literary Fellow. My essays, comics, and articles can be found on Narratively, The Washington PostTeen Vogue, and others.

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I am represented by The Jill Corcoran Literary Agency. You can contact me at or through Tumblr and follow me literally anywhere at @DamiAnimated. Or just click on these simple links below!

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