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Bringen wir kleinen Jungs Sexismus bei? Dieser Comic will uns genau das aufzeigen / WATSON / OCT. 2019

Illustrator Shows How Boys Develop Sexism Through Small Interactions With Adults / DEMILKED / SEPT. 2019

Coraline 10th Anniversary T-Shirt Design / HOT TOPIC / SEPT. 2019

Comic Shows Why Boys Develop Sexism From Early Age By Interactions With Adults / FEMALISTA / JULY 2019

Il Montre Comment Les Garçons Apprennent le Sexisme de Manière “Innocente” / PAUSE CAFE IN / JULY 2019

Guy Illustrates How Boys Develop Sexism From Seemingly Small Interactions With Adults / BORED PANDA / JULY 2019

22 LGBTQ Instagram Accounts You Should Definitely Be Following / ROMPER / JUNE 2019

A Comic For Anyone Who Misses Partner After Five Minutes / HUFFPOST LIFE / FEB 2019

This Comic Will Hit Home If You’re Constantly Falling Asleep / HUFFPOST LIFE / JAN 2018 /

A Comic For People Who Look To Their S.O. For Outfit Advice And Get None / HUFFPOST LIFE / DEC 2018


This Guy Perfectly Illustrates Why Boys Need Women Role Models Too / DISTRACTIFY / JUNE 2018

These Drawings Defy Society’s ‘That’s For Girls’ Mentality / A PLUS / JUNE 2018

Why Can’t Boys Look Up to Female Characters? / HEROIC GIRLS / JUNE 2018

John Locher Award 2017 Winner Announced / LOCHER AWARD / SEPT. 2017